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Chevy's Quality Koi LLC

Chevy The farm quality control manager
Chevy Our Quality Control Manager
We are striving to provide you with a large selection of quality butterfly koi, standard fin koi and show quality goldfish in numerous varieties. 

Chevy's Quality Koi is a small koi and goldfish breeding operation located in Ocala, Florida. Our goal is to produce the healthiest and highest quality koi and goldfish possible. The most beautiful fish is the one you like. Our hands-on selection process is all about getting you the koi you want. We have been able to gather an impressive stable of high quality breeders in numerous varieties and our goal is to produce quality koi and goldfish at a reasonable price.

Our collection includes:

  • Kohaku-Butterfly, Doitsu, and Ginrin

  • Sanke -Butterfly, Doitsu, and Ginrin

  • Showa -Butterfly, Doitsu, and Ginrin

  • Kumonru -Butterfly

  • Chagoi -Butterfly, Doitsu, and Ginrin

  • Saragoi- Ginrin, Butterfly

  • Ochiba -Butterfly, Doitsu, and Ginrin

  • Shiro,Hi and Ki Utsuri -Butterfly, Doitsu, and Ginrin

  • Aka, Orenji, and Ki Matsuba

  • Kujaku -Butterfly,  Ginrin

  • Matsukawabaki -  Ginrin and Butterfly

  • Platinum, Orenji, and Yamabuki Ogon -Butterfly, Doitsu, and Ginrin

  • Asagi -Butterfly

  • Shusui / Kosui -Butterfly

  • Kikokuruyu - Butterfly

  • Goshiki - Doitsu and Ginrin

  • Oranda

  • Ryukin

  • Tamasaba

  • Ranchu

Obviously there is not enough room to breed all of these varieties and/or pairs every year, but my goal is to keep a large number of all sizes available to insure you can pick the koi that suits you and your pond the best. 

This  photo slide show is of some of our high quality breeders. The majority of our breeders are Japanese breed by some of the top breeders in the world. Breeders include Koda, Sekiguchi, Suda, Marudo, Otsuka, Ikarashi, Dianichi, Hoshikin, Kaneko, Kase, Yamasan, Monabu and Miyatora

Some of my wifes beautiful artwork
Hours of operation
Please call Brad at 954-260-5335 for an appointment to come visit the farm. We are very flexible with our visiting hours and will do our best to accommodate your visit

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Suda Showa and Sanke