If you don't see the koi you are looking for on the website doesn't mean we don't have one. Additionally we do have some decorative grade koi available here at the farm, those fish are primarily available only when visiting the farm. Please don't hesitate to call Brad @ 954-260-5335 for more information

The fish colors, patterns and sizes are as of the day the fish was posted. Young fish grow rapidly and the fish you select may not be exactly as photographed at time of posting.

 Premium  Butterfly Koi 

Premium Butterfly Koi are generally the largest percentage of koi produced on our koi farm. Our premium grade koi are high quality with many having the potential to become your prettiest koi.

Breeders Choice Butterfly Koi

Breeders Choice Koi are for those looking for the highest quality koi and are the best koi we have grown. Due to quality these fish are a little more expensive than the rest and many are considered show quality.

  Jumbo Butterfly Koi

Our Jumbo Butterfly Koi are those over 12" and all types and qualities of koi are represented here. They are generally more expensive to ship thus we put them in a separate area

Premium Koi Packages

Our select koi packages are for the hobbiest looking for quality koi in quantities greater than one, at a discounted price. They will be hand selected from a group of koi that are representative of the koi quality you have requested


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