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Our Amazing Fish For Sale

The butterfly koi is a beautifully unique ornamental koi that can be an amazing addition to any koi collection. Gracefully swimming in a variety of amazing colors and sizes. We currently have numerous varieties and sizes of butterfly available. This includes ginrin and doitsu fish in several varieties. The fish are shown by type, size and grade

We have successfully breed high quality standard fin koi in over 12 varieties. We currently have Kumonru, Sanke, Showa, Kohaku, Shiro Utsuri, Chagoi, Saragoi, Yamabuki/Platinum Ogon, and Matsuba. We also carry many ginrin and doitsu fish to choose from in the show tanks.


We are currently Developing this area and will update with more information soon

  These are but a few of the hundreds of beautiful Koi and Goldfish we have available for your selection. Please feel free to Call me and ask any questions you would like. All Koi and Goldfish are priced as shown on the pricing summary page and all pricing is negotiable. Shipping is available to anywhere in the continental US, please see the shipping cost page regarding pricing. If you have questions regarding individual fish or shipping concerns, Call me.