Choosing the right fish for you

Here at Chevy's we offer a unique opportunity to choose your fish in person. All fish for sale are in tanks that allow for your selection up close and personal. If you visit the farm and choose a koi you wish to purchase, the fish will be bagged in Oxygen to accommodate the trip home. If you see a fish here on the website and want a closer look let me know and I will try to accomodate.

A visit to the farm also gives you a unique opportunity to see numerous types of filtration systems, pumps setups and aeration in action. If you have been thinking about a koi pond feel free to call and I will gladly share some insights from experience, both good and bad.

Shipping Policy

We try to make the selection, purchase and shipping of your Koi as simple as possible for you the koi buyer. Likewise we are a small farm and limiting fish shipping to two days per week allows us the time we need to produce and take care of our high quality koi.

Prices for shipping your fish are determined by box size, weight and location being shipped. We will do everything we can to keep the cost of shipping as low as possible without sacrificing the health of the fish. Each fish has been assigned a shipping weight and shipping cost is calculated from that weight. If you wish to purchase multiple fish please call to determine the correct shipping weight for multiple fish, currently the calculation will auto populate at 1000.00.

Our shipping policy is as follows:

  • All fish are shipped on Monday or Tuesday only (unless a shipping holiday). Fish purchased by end of business on Thursday of the previous week will be shipped UPS Next Day Air Saver on the next Monday or Tuesday.

  • Fish purchased after Thursday will be shipped on the next Monday or Tuesday of the following week. This policy allows us to prepare the fish properly for shipping.

  • If you want to purchase more than one fish and want to take advantage of a reduced shipping cost for multiple fish in one box, simply call me or email me and I will help with your purchase.

  • Shipping can be expensive on larger fish and once you have made your selection of a larger fish let me know and I will figure out the cheapest way to get the fish there.

  • We will provide you with a tracking number once the fish is shipped, you are responsible for being home to accept and sign for the delivery. Once delivered immediate attention to the newly arrived fish is critical.

  • If a fish arrives deceased you are responsible for notifying us within 2 hours of the fishes arrival, with photographs showing the fishes condition. Notification after that period of time makes any fish issues your responsibility.

  • We make a considerable effort to keep our fish in the peak of health, but there can be issues we are unaware of regarding the fishes health.. All fish should be properly quarantined for a minimum of 30 days to insure the fish can be observed routinely for issues with water quality or other issues that may affect your existing fish.

Return & Exchange Policy

As a facility that emphasizes bio-security there are no returns or exchanges of the fish purchased. If there is an issue with a deceased fish as described above we will replace the fish at our expense. We realize that selecting a fish online can be difficult and if the fish arrives with an unseen issue, please feel free to call and discuss. Our goal is for you to purchase a fish that makes you happy and your satisfaction is very important to us

Payment Methods

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